Childrens Auction
CruCon Cruise Outlet Proudly Presents the Childrens Auction
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Donation Guidelines
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1. All items to be auctioned off must be new. We will gladly accept used items that will then be funneled to charities for distribution.
2. All items donated will be auctioned off, however, if time does not allow all items to be auctioned, remaining items will then be donated to an appropriate charity, or sold online with all proceeds going to The Auction.
3. Most clothing items (unless they are logo wear) will be donated to needy organizations.
4. Gift certificates CAN NOT be contingent upon a further purchase (for example, 30% off, buy 1 get 1 free, free fitting with purchase).
5. Gift certificates under $100 can not have an expiration date.
6. For on-air purposes/promotion of business, please include 2 or 3 items of interest about the company, we want to talk about them and say thank you!
7. Unfortunately, we can not promise specific auction time (for example, 7pm Thursday) as well as grouping with another business. The auction takes on a life of its own and items are auctioned off depending on the current feel and flow.
8. Please, no minimum bid commitments.
9. All items are welcome except; live animals, firearms, real estate, alcohol (unless part of a gift basket), tobacco (unless part of a gift basket) and jewelry over $100 without an appraisal letter.
10. Prior to December 5, Please bring items to any of the following locations: MetroCast, 9 Apple Road, Belmont; Lakes Region branches of Bank of New Hampshire, All branches of Meredith Village Savings Bank, and Franklin Savings Bank. Beginning December 5th, please only bring item donations to the Belknap Mall, 96 Daniel Webster Highway, Belmont, NH.

How will a donated item be auctioned?

Please note that these are only basic rules of engagement and in the heat of the auction, items may be placed differently. If there are any questions please call 293.4700

» $1-$10: Usually used as mystery bag items or over bid prizes. No guarantee of bid board exposure, but they are an important piece to the auction machine!
» $10-$249: Usually posted for one turn of the Board with a brief company mention.
» $250-$500: Usually posted on the Board and kept there for 2 or 3 turns for maximum value and exposure.
» $500+ : Usually considered a Superboard item! Reserved for prime time or all day presentation. A company spokesperson is welcome and very helpful!

The Committee reserves the right to sell all items in a time and manner that is in the best interest of the raise as much money as possible for the Auction!
Powered By Thank You Metrocast! If you experience any problems or have any questions, please email us or call us (603) 293-4700 -
P.O. Box 6328, Laconia, NH 03247-6328
Mill Falls at the Lake (Meredith,NH) ($1,500)
:) ($100)
From the Ardizzoni family for Mike Seymour shaving ($100)
From Roland & Donna ($100)
Charlie Cook (Love Grammie & Papa) ($75)
Liam Rhude ($50)
Quinn and Penny Larrere ($25)
Stella Blue ($25)
The Lang Family, Sanbornton, NH ($25)
The Cornell Family ($25)
Jessi Ricci ($20)