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Where did the money go?

The Greater Lakes Region Children's Auction began as the simplest of ideas, and WOW what a journey this has been! The phenomenal growth you have bestowed upon this event has created many wonderful challenges along the way. Far from simple has been the challenge of how to distribute the funds that you the citizens of the Greater Lakes Region have invested in this annual event. We take very seriously the faith that you all have in the Greater Lakes Region Children's Auction and regularly review all the things that we do to insure that the trust you place in the Children's Auction continues to be treated with the respect it deserves. As a part of this ongoing review process the Board of Directors, decided to conduct a thorough review of how your funds are disbursed, in order to make sure that we were being as responsible as possible with funds so generously raised by the community.


During the summer of 2012, the board undertook a complete review of the funding process, from what types of Agencies were being funded to, how their mission statements aligned with those of the Greater Lakes Region Children's Auction. We welcomed the opportunity to utilize some of the resources of the United Way in analyzing the Auction's historical track record. We discovered that over the years, we have consistently funded organizations that did align with the mission of the Auction and that they fell generally into three different categories.


A - Defined as:

To efficiently fund local non-profit organizations that provide basic needs to area children. This will include but not limited to, food, clothing, shelter, Christmas gifts, and hygienic needs.


B - Defined as:

To efficiently fund those non-profit organizations that work to eliminate or mitigate the need for basic and extended services for children.


C - Defined as:

To efficiently fund those capital initiatives that improves the lives of children or enhances the ability of agencies to deliver their services.


D - Defined as:

To efficiently fund those agencies that have an Educational/Recreational aspect to provide children in the Lakes Region, in which the child may not be able to afford elsewhere.


The Distribution Committee is comprised of 3 community members and 3 members from the Board of Directors. Working with this distribution model, the committee reviews applications and submits recommendations to the Board of Directors for final approval and distribution.


Click here to see a complete list of recipients from this year's auction!

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