The very first Community Challenge annual event was proud to present a check for $249,460 to the 39th Children’s Auction on December 11, 2020.  The Community Challenge is comprised of local businesses, organizations and friends and families who create teams and creatively fundraise their way to Closing Ceremonies, where coveted awards await the top teams in this friendly but spirited challenge. 

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Last year the Children’s Auction distributed $561,400 to 75 charitable organizations serving children and families - providing food, clothing, shelter, hygienic needs and Christmas gifts; funding non-profits working to provide basic and extended services for children; funding capital initiatives that improve the lives of children; and funding educational and recreational opportunities for children that they could otherwise not afford. See entire list here.


It is all about raising money, giving children and families a helping hand and being part of something fun and exciting that makes a significant impact in our community.


2021 Top Ten Team

Hall of Fame

Top Dollar 

Laconia Country Club-03.jpg

Birdies for a Cause

Team Captains

Allison Mitzel

Rachael Rollins



Verani Realty Reindeer

Team Captains

Greg Peverly

Deb Peverly

Susan Cummins

Mitch Hamel


Taylor Logo 250x574.jpg

Taylor Community

Team Captains

Gretchen Gandini

Heather Joubert


10+ Years

Team Captains

Judi Taggart

Butch Taggart



King's Corner

Team Captains

Janet McKone

Eric Vachon


Merry Misfits

Team Captains

Ruth McLaughlin

Angie Carignan

Bryan Shedd

1 (1)_edited_edited.png

Juggernaut Fitness

Team Captains

Anna Terry

Sara Fogg

Lisa Cornish


Coldwell Banker

Team Captains

Susan Spooner

Kathy McLellan

Sue Ippolito

Cafe Deja Vu-03.jpg

Café déjà vu

Team Captains

Brenda Martel

Tony Felch

Team Captain

Lisa Abreau




WYC Diving Ducks

Team Captains

Andrea Morin

Jason Bordeau


Amoskeag Beverages

Team Captains

John Valliere

Tim Quinn



Team Captains

Brian Beetle

Lois Cole

5 - 9 Years

Bank of NH.PNG

We Got This Warriors

Team Captains

Cindy Audia

James Glover

MVSB Horizontal Logo.jpg

Barstool Bankers

Team Captains

Becky Reposa

Stacy Trites

Jami Bourdeau

Kristi Maciejewski


Ladies of the Lake

Team Captains

Holly Ruggieri

Kathy Drouin

Debbie Wallace


"A Snowball's Chance..."

Team Captains

Robin Rowe

Jennifer Karnan


Laconia Harley

Iron Butts

Team Captains

Madeline Stack

Lyndsey Cole

Nicki Snyder

Downtown gym.png

Real Downtown Santas

Team Captains


Janine Page

Donate to Team
color bar-03.jpg

Color Me Christmas

Team Captains

Jennifer Fielders

Richard Fielders

2 - 4 Years

Daily Sun Logo-01.png

The Rising Suns

Team Captains

Rick Hopper

Julie Hirshan Hart


T-Bones & Cactus Jack's

Team Captains

Tanya Randolph

Kylie Auger

CruCon Outlet Logo-01.jpg

CruCon Cruise Outlet

Team Captain

Mel Burton


Gilford Hills

Team Captain

Heidi Bourgeois

Kathy Peverly

Jolie Hassler

Jennifer Kelley



Team Captain

Michael Bourgeois


Janice Beetle Books

Team Captain

Janice Beetle

The Lakers_2.png

The Lakers

Team Captain

Ripley Forbes

Sally Small

Leadership Lakes Region

Team Captains

Jennifer McLean

Kristene Dauteuil

Leadership LR.png
M&P UPDATED 033018 Primary logo-black KT

Melcher & Prescott Insurance

Team Captain

Ashley Loprete

Karen Bald

Bacardi USA

Team Captains

Teasa Wilkins

Heather Rankin

Brett Schuck

Southern Wine and spirits.png

Water Street Cafe

Team Captains

Ted Roy

Cross Logo.png

Cross Insurance

Team Captain

Mark Cote

Team Captains

Jaimie Sousa




Enlighten Nutrition

& Wellness

Team Captains

Denise Normandin

Julie Poudrier


Laconia Police 


Team Captain

Eric Adams

Team Captain

Shannon Buttermore

Gator Logo (1)-01.png

Gator Graphix

Top Dollar 

Xavier Group

Keller Williams

Team Captain

Rachel Xavier

Xavier Group.jpg

Rookie Season


Frequently asked questions

What is this event all about and why would I want to participate?

The IFTK Community Challenge is a pandemic-proof revision and transformation of Pub Mania, which has raised over $2.3 million for the Children’s Auction over the last 11 years. It is all about raising money, giving children and families a helping hand and being part of something fun and exciting that makes a significant impact in our community. The first IFTK Community Challenge raised $249,460 in 2020 - it's all for the kids!

Where does the money go?

In 2020 the Children’s Auction distributed $494,430 to 62 charitable organizations serving children and families, providing food, clothing, shelter, hygienic needs and Christmas gifts; funding non-profits working to provide basic and extended services for children; funding capital initiatives that improve the lives of children; and funding educational and recreational opportunities for children that could otherwise not afford. See entire list here.

What would my team have to do?

Bottom line answer is to raise money - at least $2,500 - by December 9th, 2021. We support and encourage over achievement!

How many people do I need on my team?

Unlike Pub Mania, you do not need to fill a team with 24 people (thank goodness!) for each hour around the clock. You can have a team of 1, but it’s more fun to have a team of 10 and crazy fun to have a team of 100!

Speaking of fun, how can I make this fun for my team?

Now you’re talking!! The sky is the limit on this one. Fun fundraisers are the best. Create your own team shirts and make sure to have some fun team parties as well. Have your team participate in the Light-Up Laconia Holiday Parade. Encourage team members to participate in the Pub Mania Shuffle and other team building, fun fundraising events. Be creative and be careful not to over commit – we want you to play “Plus $1” next year! Check out the Challenge Contest and play to win any of friendly competition

How can you help us be successful fundraising?

For starters, we have one of the best fundraising platforms available to you called GiveGab. We’ll build a basic team page for you, but you can customize it with your pictures and message to maximize its effectiveness. Encourage your team members to build their own personal page which adds to the team goal. Check out these links for a GiveGab tutorial and additional Fundraising Ideas.

Where do we take the donations we receive?

You can deposit cash and checks at any Meredith Village Savings Bank, using the deposit slip and procedures listed on it. We will then add these deposit amounts to your Team (or personal) GiveGab page so that you can always see your Team's fundraising total.

Why wouldn’t we just make our own check presentation to the Children’s Auction?

It’s all about the kids, so we’re thankful however you prefer to raise funds for the Children’s Auction! However, if you want to be part of an exciting network of committed teams and individuals who are working together to achieve big things, then the Challenge might be the way to go. The Children’s Auction and Challenge committee will work to recognize and support each team throughout the year, with press, radio, social media and live on-air interviews at the auction.

Where can I get additional information or to sign-up?

Email Community Challenge 2021 Chair Holly Ruggieri at or Challenge Committee member Allan Beetle at

What if I have a donor that requires the donation go directly to the Greater Lakes Region Children's Auction?

That's great! Please share the information below with them and ask them to reference the Community Challenge 2021, Your Name and Team Name, if possible. Greater Lakes Region Charitable Fund for Children 383 South Main Street Laconia NH 03246 Federal Tax ID# 47-3815882 Contact Information: Jennifer Kelley, Children's Auction Coordinator Email: Phone: (603) 527-0999 It's helpful if you let us know that it is coming by emailing Jennifer. When the check arrives, she will let you know and deposit it into MVSB for your team.


Team Captain Central


Looking for ideas of how your team can raise money?  Let us help!



Check out how we can help!



2022 Challenge logo, Children’s Auction logo, …Get them here!


Have donations ready to put in the bank for your team?  

Use the special "IFTK Community Challenge Deposit Slip" below and make your deposit at any Meredith Village Savings Bank location.  It's as easy as 1 -2 -3!


 1) Fill out the deposit slip in full 

2) Include it with cash/checks in a sealed envelope with only the words "Community Challenge" on the front 3) Turn it in with the Supervisor On Duty at any Meredith Village Savings Bank location during bank hours


Thank you to our friends at MVSB and your fellow Barstool Bankers Team Captains, Jami Bordeau

& Becky Reposa, for making this so easy!  





Want to make some $$$ for your team?!

Donate an item (or 2!) for the Children's Auction and the money raised will be added to your team's fundraising total.  You may donate TWO team items so get your team brains together and think big!

Simply fill out the special "Challenge Team Auction Item Form" linked below and take your auction item to any of the designated collection sites.  Please make sure to choose your team from the dropdown menu and help the Children's Auction by getting your items in sooner than later!




A great way to raise $$$ for your team! Know a business that would like to support the Children's Auction by selling these 4" paper $1, $5 & $10 Christmas ornaments?  Check out the information here to get them started.





Feeling competitive?  

The Pub Mania tradition of bragging rights for the "Top Dollar", "Outstanding Participation" and "Feeding Families" awards continues on in the Community Challenge.  Make sure to check out the Contest Rules for the highly coveted "Outstanding Participation" award and get your team in the running! 





Earn points for your team and help those in need all year long.  Donations may be made to any Lakes Region food pantry.  Get all of your team members on board and vie for the "2021 Feeding Families Award!"  

Need help finding a food pantry?  Click here!



Need to provide a tax form for one of your donor's?  Get it here!



This software should make fundraising much easier for you and your team.  Sometimes technology gets the best of us though.  If that's the case, let us help!



Please use the information below and reference the Community Challenge and your team name:


Greater Lakes Region Charitable Fund For Children Inc
383 South Main Street
Laconia, NH 03246

Federal Tax ID# 47-3815882

It is helpful if you let us know that a check is coming by emailing Jennifer Kelley, Executive Director.  When the check arrives, she will let you know and deposit it for your team.

Stay Tuned...
Stay Tuned....